Tuesday, April 7, 2009

photo of the week: April 6, 09 - Anapaca Island, California

If you have ever glaced at a map and seen, there is in fact a chain of islands off the cost of California. They span from Ventra to Santa Barbra, and they are called the Channel Islands. As a child, i visited Oxnard, which the islands are visible from. I did not realize that you could in fact visit these islands. One of the channel islands is home to many seal lion rookies, including fur seals, which are a rare sighting if you ever catch a glimse of one.

My family and I decited to take a boat and visit the smallest of these islands, Anapaca. There are literally no trees there and also, no challangeing hiking grounds. There are however, lots and lots of seagulls. In fact, Anpaca island is the breeding ground for seagulls. If you go, make sure you miss the bird season if you're not into them. 

There are also camp grounds on site, which is perfect for kaykers and scuba divers, for the rich marine biodiversity.

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