Sunday, January 25, 2009

travel photo(s) of the week

So, Because I have soo many photographs from my past travels (Hey, after 27 counteries, I MUST have something to post). These photographs will include any places I have been. this will include any spactular places in my nation and maybe city of residence.  
This week i'm featuring Central Park in New York City- one of the most well known parks in the world. This place is as magical as it seems in the movies.  These pictures are taken from my fouth New York Trip (yes, read fourth) back in Nov 2007 RIGHT after our historic election season. The colors were amazing in Central Park, and the fall color displays were everywhere. This was a great treat from me, being from California, our fall color displays are not as good as they are in the east. 

a typical NYC/ Central Park shot with the buildings in the background

Marking the entrance to the park on our Sunday morning stroll. Say hello to my partner in crime on this NYC trip-- she even drove into the city. Brave!