Thursday, July 5, 2007


As a foreigner in many places, I feel like some places just have a sense of humor. Other places don't. I have a very offbeat sense of humor, so sometimes I think even the wierdest things are funny. I have always been intrsted in signs, for some reason. I found that I had a particular faciniation with them. It because conclusive durning my freshman year of college when i began stealing signs. anything that would seem funny, or else stole signs and put them in places that would seem alomst ironic. For instance, i've been putting a "this is not an exit" sign that i stole from the univeristy library above the exit of my door.
while traveling around, when i'm most likely to have a camera, I took a picture of cool or funny signs.
Here are just a plethra that I have seen:

A sex Shop in Amsterdam. Who woulnd't be happy going into there?

Bratslavia: It's amusing to combine a Pension AND a Jewish restraunt in one place!

Bratslavia: Man at work! It also accompanies a bronze statue.

Amsterdam: this man thinks he can save us!

Amsterdam: Apparently Herbs from the gods are shrooms.

Green Island, Taiwan: apparently, they really want to voice how the weather is!